Paths to Wellness

Do you long to feel more alive, invigorated by the rush of energy that comes with embarking on new adventures?

You feel that connection when immersed in wild spaces, small among the trees, rooted to the ground of endless possibility. Yet you feel stuck. You know what it’s like to live fully, radiant with purpose.

Labyrinth, Saguaro National Park in Arizona

Yet somehow you’ve lost touch with this. Anxiety, self-doubt, fear, and old stories about how you’ll be found out as a fraud, how you’ll fail – or worse, succeed and then be rejected for daring to be so bold. The map is there still in your pocket, the memories like photographs in an album – you can see it, you know the steps, but somehow through the routine of every day, you’re having trouble changing course. Maybe it’s a change in lifestyle, relationship, relocation, parenting.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Whether it’s a new business, a project, or returning order to your home, you want to find your way back to the heart of your own wilderness. It’s time to dig up and dust off those gifts you’ve packed away. It’s time to shine as only you are meant to do.

It’s time to intentionally design a life aligned with your soul purpose.

Jekyll Island, Georgia

I’ve created this program to gently guide you to:

  • listen and connect to your own unique embodied wisdom
  • recognize and claim your gifts and put them to use
  • find methods of nourishing your soul through creative exercises, yoga and meditation, mindful nutrition, exploration of the natural world and practices to honor the earth
  • befriend the shadows of your being – those sodden parts lurking in the wings that have been steering you away from stepping into your true power
  • use the power of your voice and your vision to devise the life you want, aligned with your core values, elevating work into Calling, passivity into passion
Crystal Cove, California

Because I believe you are worth more than simple solutions and quick fixes, I prefer to work in depth through a process of co-creating the shifts you want to manifest. Monthly packages begin at $888 and include weekly virtual mentor sessions; these can shift, depending on the energy and momentum of your commitment. Payment plans are usually available to meet you where you’re at.

Are you feeling called to begin this sacred work and step more fully into abundant, enchanted life?

I invite you to apply below for a complimentary 20 minute Explore call to connect today.